Why nudity is necessary

June 24, 2011


Nudie Rudie  Writing a blog is a lot like walking naked down a busy street. All your junk is on display and you feel exposed and nervous as all the fully clothed people brush past you with disapproving, incredulous or – on the odd occasion – kind stares. Some of them try to help you.  […]

What I learned from an Aboriginal street brawl

June 22, 2011


The other day I was walking from my office to a cocktail bar for a cheeky post-work mojito when a violent commotion materialised out of nowhere in front of me. It was a drunk Aboriginal man chasing a drunk Aboriginal woman around with a large stick.  He was shouting at her ‘You bloody woman, I’m […]

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Spitting is gross

June 20, 2011


Please don’t spit. Spitting is gross. Walking on a footpath covered in loogies is gross. If you desperately need to spit, don’t be gross about it.  Spit away from where people congregate. I once tried to learn how to spit, but every time I just ended up with a gooberish mess down my running shorts. […]

Irrational Fear of Pregnancy (iFOP)

June 17, 2011


iFOP About once every six weeks I become convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt that I am pregnant. It’s like a lunar cycle – only longer and more stressful. I realised I had a problem the other day when I was at the hairdresser having some regrowth issues dealt with when I inexplicably started […]

Roller Derby = World Peace

June 14, 2011


I have the answer for world peace and it looks a little bit like this: Who knew that 25 buxom wenches dressed head to toe in spandex, with their junk all on display, would become the new Ghandi-esque force? I went to watch Roller Derby at the Adelaide Showgrounds on Saturday night with a few […]

An Australian farmer talks about Indonesian abattoirs

June 11, 2011


Last night, as I was grudgingly eating mushroom risotto and looking longingly at Callum’s beef roulade, I decided to educate myself about the Indonesian abattoirs situation so I could stop feeling guilty about meat. Like anyone else with a conscience I was horrified to hear about the treatment of livestock in Asian slaughterhouses, and had […]

How to get money and irritate people

June 9, 2011


This post is dedicated to the incredible people out there who choose ministry/charity/part time work for great causes AND who make financial sacrifices to do this AND who get on with it without a fuss. You know who you are, and you’re amazing. Money… I feel like things in Parliament haven’t been sufficiently awkward lately (what with […]