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Dear Evangelical Christians…

July 8, 2011


Dear Evangelical Christians, I was with some people the other day and they began discussing gay marriage. Immediately bored, having had this conversation thrust upon me (no pun intended) for the past 15 years like it is the only issue of faith that matters, I tuned out and began to imagine the conversation I would […]

Aboriginal Reconciliation 1-0-1

June 29, 2011


Colin Darcy and I are the same age.  We are both young professionals.  We like the same music.  We were both educated in the city. My single girlfriends would probably ask me to introduce him at the pub.  We are both wearing cool sunglasses. It strikes me that Colin and I live startlingly similar lives […]

Why nudity is necessary

June 24, 2011


Nudie Rudie  Writing a blog is a lot like walking naked down a busy street. All your junk is on display and you feel exposed and nervous as all the fully clothed people brush past you with disapproving, incredulous or – on the odd occasion – kind stares. Some of them try to help you.  […]

What I learned from an Aboriginal street brawl

June 22, 2011


The other day I was walking from my office to a cocktail bar for a cheeky post-work mojito when a violent commotion materialised out of nowhere in front of me. It was a drunk Aboriginal man chasing a drunk Aboriginal woman around with a large stick.  He was shouting at her ‘You bloody woman, I’m […]

Spitting is gross

June 20, 2011


Please don’t spit. Spitting is gross. Walking on a footpath covered in loogies is gross. If you desperately need to spit, don’t be gross about it.  Spit away from where people congregate. I once tried to learn how to spit, but every time I just ended up with a gooberish mess down my running shorts. […]

An Australian farmer talks about Indonesian abattoirs

June 11, 2011


Last night, as I was grudgingly eating mushroom risotto and looking longingly at Callum’s beef roulade, I decided to educate myself about the Indonesian abattoirs situation so I could stop feeling guilty about meat. Like anyone else with a conscience I was horrified to hear about the treatment of livestock in Asian slaughterhouses, and had […]

How to get money and irritate people

June 9, 2011


This post is dedicated to the incredible people out there who choose ministry/charity/part time work for great causes AND who make financial sacrifices to do this AND who get on with it without a fuss. You know who you are, and you’re amazing. Money… I feel like things in Parliament haven’t been sufficiently awkward lately (what with […]