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Taming the Bronco – a man’s take on marriage

July 1, 2011


Hello readers, After almost nine months of marriage, I asked Callum to pen his thoughts on what it was like to have me for a wife… Enjoy. Love, LK Being a husband There is something completely mystical and satisfying about watching a wild bronco getting broken in. Seeing a creature of such strength and spirit […]

What I learned by visiting an *adult* shop

May 26, 2011


I went to an adult shop for the first time last week. I know, right.  I go to church and everything… Before you de-friend me on Facebook or reconsider letting me babysit your kids, here’s what happened: I was on a lunch break with a friend (we were on our way to get sushi) when […]

Why Andre Rieu is a home wrecker…

May 17, 2011


Andre Rieu came very close to ruining my life last week. Mostly because my 84-year-old Grandmother is his biggest fan. She makes Team Edward look small time. Bieber fans write to her for advice. The Beatles only realised they weren’t bigger than Jesus when my Grandma discovered Andre. And I had managed to get her […]

Why you’re not married

February 16, 2011


Read this article.  It’s funny, ridiculous and written by an uber successful TV writer who pens clever shows we all pretend we’re too busy to watch.  It also addresses, in a hilariously secular-and-hyperbole-filled-yet-vaguely-wise way, one of the big questions we ladies find ourselves asking once we reach a certain age (in Christian World this is […]

Sunset with husband

February 4, 2011


We live in such a beautiful place.  My gentleman lover and I can steal up into the hills five minutes from home and watch this stuff together. Blessed.