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The naturopathic benefits of Pop Tarts

May 29, 2011


My loving life partner and I went to the naturopath on Friday morning.  Between us, we paid $450 for the privilege.  Smart investment?  Read on… The naturopath is uses a prick – sorry, a pricker thing to draw blood from your left and right index fingers.  He then puts it under a microscope and reads […]

How to win at cystic fibrosis

May 22, 2011


While a nurse administers no less than five huge injections to his tiny 130cm frame, 13-year-old Coen Ashton chats to me, not about his debilitating illness, but about his girl troubles. He’s sitting up in his hospital bed after another six week stay – a ‘tune up’ as Coen puts it – fiddling with his […]

A Journey Of Self Sabotage – Part #1

March 22, 2011


I left work early the other day specifically so I could go home and rock my coordination-flummoxing Tracy Anderson dance cardio DVD. Yet I found myself just 45 minutes later sitting on the couch with a beer and a bowl of chocolate ice cream, watching old episodes of Degrassi Junior High. Over the next few […]

What I learned from a hospital toilet

February 4, 2011


Tales from Fat Camp

January 25, 2011


In late 2010, a trusted friend suggested that I was “addicted” to Bootcamp*. Me, an addictive personality?  Shut UP. *May or may not have participated in Bootcamp for eight months in 2010. However, upon further reflection – mostly brought about by my newly minted husband informing me daily I had a warped body image and […]