Mad Wisdoms circa 2010

Posted on February 9, 2011


My Happy New Year Deer card from husband

So I found the following list on my desktop this morning and, in an ideal world, would have had the presence of mind to post it early in the New Year when I wrote it.  Alas, I failed Oprah in being “fully present” in that moment, and thus will post it now…

  • Basic cupcake recipes are wily minxes that must be tamed with an extra ¼ cup of milk
  • Rinsing dishes is really important to me
  • I care less and less about things that used to really trip me up
  • I care more and more about other things that still trip me up but I like to think they are more worthy things
  • My friends are incredibly fertile people
  • Weddings can be organised in 4-6 weeks with relatively low hassle provided your chapel does not become unavailable at the last minute and people do not force organ concertos on you
  • Wearing lightweight silk skirts to work on windy days while walking past building sites is not smart
  • Not hating your job is nice
  • King size beds are crucial to the ongoing success of any marriage where one or more of the couple is taller than 5ft9
  • My friends, in addition to being stupidly fertile, are also really cool and interesting people
  • I have less ‘active’ friends than I used to, but many more great ‘dormant’ friendships that will rekindle when geography and time permits.
  • The limbo land between making new friends and having history and intimacy with them can be a hard road when you just want to know your place and be known in a social context
  • I say really dumb stuff sometimes that I really don’t mean
  • Watching Glee makes my husband cry.  This makes me like him all the more
  • Conquering Candida is a worthwhile undertaking
  • My husband likes me.  This still shocks me
  • I can get things done in an epically speedy fashion but become easily frustrated when I do not have permission to step in and fix problems I encounter at the speed of light
  • I miss Cate and Shaney a lot
  • I miss living close to my old friends and singing regularly
  • Words of affirmation are chicken soup for my soul
  • Growing herbs in the back garden is surprisingly gratifying
  • Spiders don’t scare me as much as they used to
  • The suffering I see in the world is overwhelming
  • God deserves much more of me than He gets
  • I want to be a contributor
  • Things that are good include, but are not limited to: zip lining through jungles; parties where all parties carry steins; perspective; pizza ovens
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